Understanding Blepharoplasty
Surgery of the Eyelids


Every year, one hundred thousand men and women choose blepharoplasty to improve the way they look. Droopy eyelids can make you look older and can also impair vision. Blepharoplasty corrects these problems and also removes puffiness and bags under the eyes that make you look worn and tired. This procedure cannot alter dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, nor can it change sagging eyebrows. Though blepharoplasty is often performed as a single procedure, your surgeon may also recommend a browlift, facelift, or skin resurfacing to achieve the best results.


If you are wondering how blepharoplasty can change the way you look, you need to know how the eyelid surgery is performed and what can you expect from this procedure.


Successful facial plastic surgery is a result of good rapport between the patient and surgeon. Trust, based on realistic expectations and exacting medical expertise, develops in the consulting stages before surgery. Your surgeon can answer any specific questions about your specific needs.